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sgp2 Web Server

sgp2 is a program to predict genes by comparing anonymous genomic sequences from two different species. It combines tblastx, a sequence similarity search program, with geneid, an "ab initio" gene prediction program. Scores of exons are computed as log-likelihood ratios, function of the splice sites defining the exon, the coding bias in composition of the exon sequence as measured by a Markov Model of order five, and of the optimal alignment at the amino acid level between the target exon sequence and the counterpart homologous sequence in the reference set.

  • Sequence 1 (Query)

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  • Sequence 2 (Subject)

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Prediction Options

Homo sapiens vs Mus Musculus
Drosophila melanogaster vs Anopheles Gambiae
Predicitions on:
Sequence 1 (Query).
Sequence 2 (Subject).
Both sequences.

Output options

Output format:

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To see a dummy example with the form ready to submit, click here.

This example contains the following features:

  • geneid format
  • Prediction on both sequences
  • tblastx output
  • Homo sapiens vs Mus Musculus

About sgp2 server

sgp2 server is the web server to sgp2, a program to predict genes, exons, splice sites and other signals along a DNA sequence. Visit sgp2 homepage for more information about this program.

Authors and acknowledgements

Version 1 of sgp2 has been mostly written by Gen�s Parra, Josep F. Abril and Roderic Guigo.
sgp2 server written by Enrique Blanco and Gen�s Parra with the always useful help of Moises Burset and Josep F. Abril.

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