gff output format (Description)

Gene extracted from a human prediction (gff format)
# Gene 2 (Reverse). 3 exons. 493 aa. Score = 25.252512
cons.x8bisXs.970911  geneid_v1.1 Terminal 21839 22922  18.37 -  1  gene_2
cons.x8bisXs.970911  geneid_v1.1 Internal 23679 24029   7.99 -  1  gene_2
cons.x8bisXs.970911  geneid_v1.1 First    30732 30775  -1.11 -  0  gene_2

Description of columns (gff format)
Locus DNA Sequence locusname
Source Prediction program which produced this file
Type Type of predicted exon: First, Internal, Terminal or Single
Positions Start and finish positions of current exon
Score Score (reliability) of this exon
Strand Reading sense: forward or reverse
Frame Left uncomplete codon length in this exon
Key Gene identifier

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