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Other Research at Our Lab

  1. In collaboration with Robert B. Russell (EMBL, Heidelberg), we have studied the conservation of exonic structure in absence of sequence conservation (Betts et al, 2001).

  2. In collaboration with Timothy M. Thomson (Hospital de La Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona), we discovered a gene fusion phenomenon (Thomson et al, 2000).

  3. In collaboration with Temple F. Smith (Boston University) and Ilya Muchnick (Rutger University), we developed a methodology to reconstruct species phylogenies from a set of partially inconsistent gene trees (Guigó et al, 1996).

Relevant publications

  • M.J. Betts, R. Guigó, P. Agarwal and R.B. Russell.
    "Exon structure conservation despite low sequence similarity: a relic of dramatic events in evolution ?"
    EMBO Journal 20(19):5354-5360 (2001)   [Abstract]

  • T. Thomson, J.J. Lozano, R. Carrió, F. Serras, N. Loukili, M. Valeri, B. Cormand, M.P. del Río, J.F. Abril, M. Burset, E. Sancho, J. Merino, A. Macaya, M. Corominas and R. Guigó.
    "Fusion of the human gene for the polyubiquitination co-effector uev-1 with kua, a newly identified gene."
    Genome Research 10(11):1743-1756 (2000)   [Abstract]

  • J.J. Lozano, E. López de Briñas, N.B. Centeno, R. Guigó, and F. Sanz.
    "Three-dimensional modeling of human cytochrome p450 1a2 and its interaction with caffeine and carcinogenic aromatic amines."
    Journal of Computer Aided Molecular Design, 11(4):395-408 (1997)   [Link]

  • R. Guigó, I. Muchnik, and T.F. Smith.
    "Reconstruction of ancient molecular phylogeny."
    Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 6:189-213 (1996)   [Abstract]

  • E. López de Briñas, J.J. Lozano, R. Guigó, F. Manaut and F. Sanz.
    "Secondary structure Prediction. A tool in the alignment of cytochrome P450 1A2 sequence with those of cytochromes P450 CAM, P450 BM3, and P450 TERP."
    In F. Sanz, J. Giraldo, F. Manaut, editors:
    QSAR and Molecular Modelling: Concepts, Computational Tools and Biological Applications. Pp:601-604.
    J.R. Prous Science Publisher, Barcelona, 1995.

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