Test 1. Basic UNIX commands

Try to answer the following questionaire using UNIX commands:

  1. What time is it?

  2. In which day of the week was your birthday this year? And in the year you were born?

  3. Type the command:
        % sleep 10 &
    Now, try to abort the execution before it finishes

  4. What does the command "which" do?

  5. Check the meaning of the option "-p" of the command "cp"

  6. Check the meaning of the command "ls -1R /"

  7. Print on the screen the content of the filename "/etc/passwd"

  8. Save the following file in your current working directory and uncompress it

  9. Type this command:
        % mkdir test1; cd test1
       What will the command "cd ../test1" produce?
       And the command "cd ././././."?

  10. How much time did you need to do this test?

Enrique Blanco © 2004 -- eblanco@imim.es