<H16>    Elements of Programming with Perl

Objectives: To provide the level of programming in Perl required for the development of bioinformatic techniques.

H16 - 1   Introduction to Perl
Lecture:  PDF handout
Scripts: myfirstscript
H16 - 2/3   Variables and Control Structures
Lecture:  PDF handout
H16 - 4/5   Scalar Variables and Operators
Lecture:  PDF handout
Scripts: sum_integers
H16 - 6/7   Arrays: Vectors and Matrices
Lecture:  PDF handout
Scripts: sequence_content_strings
Results: sequence_content_multibenchmark
H16 - 8/9   Hashes: Working with Dictionaries
Scripts: translate_draft
H16 - 10/11   Filehandles: Accessing to Data Streams
Scripts: dotplot_draft
Data sets: short_seqs.fa
H16 - 12/13   Regular Expressions: Pattern Matching and Substitution
Lecture:  PDF handout
Scripts: regexp_tester
H16 - 14/15   Reusing Code: Functions and Modules
Lecture:  PDF handout
Scripts: seq_analysis
Modules: sequence_analysis.pm
Data sets: single_seq.fa


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