Bioinformatics and Genomics Node

  Web services clients
These clients will allow you to discover and access data and analysis services provided through the BioMOBY framework.
Some also allow the construction and execution of re-usable workflows and analytical pipelines.

  • Mowserv: MOWserv allows the construction and execution of workflows through a web interface

  • Remora: Remora allows the design of Moby workflows through a web interface

Stand-alone applications
  • Taverna: Taverna allows linking of inputs and outputs from both Moby and non-Moby services
    into extensive and complex workflows.
    There is a document explaining how to use the biomoby services in taverna.

  • Dashboard: Dashboard is a Graphical User Interface helping Biomoby service providers to develop
    and deploy their Biomoby services. Because of its extensibility, however, it may (and I hope it will)
    contain also panels that are useful even for pure Biomoby end-users when they wish to call
    Biomoby services. One of them is the Simple Client that can call any service and has an extensible
    set of viewers for displaying results.