Bioinformatics and Genomics Node


Supplementary material for manuscript,

"BioMoby services to support clustering of co-regulated genes based on similarity of promoter configurations".
  The project aims to provide bioinformatics resources through the web. In this regard, we have designed and implemented a set of Web services that are compliant with bioMoby specifications.

We have been focusing on providing genome analysis resources. These resources are of various types:
  • Sequence analysis
    • Gene prediction
    • Signal predicition (transcription regulatory elements or splicing elements)
    • ESTs assembly
  • Sequence data retrieval (promoter sequences from Ensembl database)
  • Data format conversion
A more complete list of Web resources can be found in the WEB SERVICES section

We have also set up some pipelines of analysis to illustrate the use of these Web resources. Here are the main pipelines of computational analysis
that were implemented:
  • Promoter analysis
  • ESTs assembly
More information about our pipelines of analysis can be found in the WORKFLOWS section