geneid documentation: 1. What is geneid ?

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geneid is a program to predict genic elements as splice sites, exons and genes, along eukaryotic DNA sequences. geneid offers some type of support to integrate predictions from multiple sources and allows to improve the quality of predictions by using sequence homology information.

The program is written in ANSI C and runs on UNIX operating systems such as Linux, Solaris or Irix. Installation, setup and usage are pretty fast and simple and there is a wide range of options to configure the behaviour of the program engine.

geneid source code, compiled binaries and documentation are available under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Comments, suggestions and other questions will be warmly welcomed by the authors.

geneid on line:
geneid homepage including more information about program such as accuracy or efficiency (benchmarking) and a geneid online webserver service are provided over there:

geneid distribution can be obtained through anonymous ftp to:

  • in the directory /pub/software/geneid

geneid authors e-mail address:

If you need help about geneid, send a message to:

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