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Enhancing our web site pages...

As you already may noticed, we are renewing the lab's web site layout. It is not only an aesthetic change, but also we have tried to clearly separate structure from contents and from styles. Novel site pages are backwards compatible with old browsers in the sense that their styles should downgrade (even if you are accessing to our site with a text-based browser). In the meantime, you may find pages still being served with the old format. Please accept our apologies if this has caused any inconvenience to you. If you experience real problems with our web pages, please get in contact with our web administrator.

by jabril

gff2aplot v2.0 has been released

Finally, gff2aplot [PubMed Abstract] has been fully re-implemented in Perl. many features have been improved, including gff2ps-like customization files. Several HTML tutorials are also available. Old GNUawk/Bash version is no longer maintained although it is still available. You can find more information on gff2aplot home page.

by jabril

Our group has participated on the annotation of the mouse genome !!!

We were members of the international consortium that performed the initial analysis of the mouse genome sequence. 9000 novel mouse genes were found, but also, as our approach was based on comparative genomics, it also yielded 1000 novel human genes. The results were included in the mouse genome paper [Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium. Nature 420(6915):520-562 (2002)]. A description of the methods and results is also available from the supplementary data pages of the corresponding Nature mouse genome companion paper [Guigó et al. PNAS 100(3):1140-1145 (2003)].

by jabril

Yet another genome map: Anopheles gambiae...

We have participated in the visualization of the genomic annotation of the malaria mosquito [Holt et al. Science 298(5591):129-149 (2002)]. Up to 278Mbp length, five chromosome arms (2L, 2R, 3L, 3R and X), scaffolds mapped on those chromosomes, a coding set close to 14000 genes, chromosome level polymorphisms, gene expression levels data, homology to Drosophila, SNPs density and G+C content, conform the "Annotation of the Anopheles gambiae genome sequence" figure 1 foldout.

by jabril

We have collaborated in the annotation of chr 2 of Dictyostelium discoideum

geneid has been used to annotate the set of genes described in G. Glökner et al. [Nature 418(6893):79-85 (2002)]. A new parameters file was defined for that purpose, which is available from the geneid home page. gff2ps has also been used to generate the preliminary chromosome 2 web map (a figure set of 100Kb snapshots along the chromosome), provided as supplementary material. Data is now published through a dynamic html-based browser.

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We are proud to announce the new Gene Predictions section!!!

We are serving the results obtained by running our gene-prediction software on genomic sequences and whole genome assemblies. You will find there, geneid output on Ensembl and Golden Path genome sequences for Homo sapiens and Mus musculus. Other species will we added soon, such as Drosophila melanogaster, Fugu rubripes and Dictyostelium discoideum...

We are improving whole design of our site web pages. We are also fixing some CSS/Javascript errors found in them. The whole site web pages will be updated to the new format as quickly as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience that the process may cause to you.

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GBIL Web Site update

Finally, Research main page has been updated with the summaries of the main research topics, including related bibliographic references.

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gff2ps has now a new HOWTOs section !!!

The new section starts with two tutorials, first one showing how to compare sources and second explaining how to visualize and convert gff2ps PostScript output. We hope you will enjoy them...

Also is available a pre-release of gff2ps (v0.97b). Take a look on the gff2ps download section.

by jabril

gff2ps handled the human whole-genome map !!!

We have produced the map of the Human Genome with gff2ps. 22 autosomic, X and Y chromosomes were displayed in a big poster appearing as the figure 1 of "The Sequence of the Human Genome" [Venter et al. Science 291(5507):1304-1351 (2001)]. The single chromosome pictures can be accessed from here to visualize the web version of the "Annotation of the Celera Human Genome Assembly" poster.

by eblanco

RELEASING geneid PARALLEL version 1.0 !!!

To obtain more information on geneidP, download geneidP or visit the geneid web page at:

You can also download geneidP directly through anonymous ftp to at:


by jabril

We are hosting AcE homepage

AcE is a gene prediction accuracy evaluation program developed by William Hayes. Visit the AcE web page at:

by eblanco

RELEASING geneid version 1.0 !!!

To obtain more information on geneid, access the geneid web server or download geneid, visit the geneid web page at:

You can also download geneid directly through anonymous ftp to at:


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GBIL Web Site update

"References" and  "DataBases" have been renamed to  "Publications" and  "Resources & DataSets",  respectively, but we only have changed HTML filename for the first. Just take into account if you have bookmarked  "Publications" page. We apologize for any inconvenience it should have caused to you.

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GBIL Web Site update

The new GeneId web server is ready, during this week will be tested.  "References" page is finished too.  "DataBases" links also available.

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GBIL Web Site update

All the common elements have been formatted. We can say that it's almost done. We must fill with their contents the following pages not finished yet:

"Research",  "DataBases",  "References" and  "Seminars&Courses".

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GBIL Web Site update

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GBIL Web Site update

Bringing up the Group's Main Web Pages...
Sorry, but most of them are still unfinished... We are working on it.

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gff2ps and geneid on Genome Annotation Assessment Project !!!

We have participated on GASP, which results appeared in Genome Research on 24, April. gff2ps generated the poster summarizing all the submitted predictions of each participating group made on the Adh region 2.9Mbp genomic sequence. All those results are analyzed in "Genome Annotation Assesment in Drosophila melanogaster" [Reese et al. Genome Research 10(4):483-501(2000)]. geneid contribution was analyzed in Parra et al. [Genome Research 10(4):511-515 (2000)].

by jabril

gff2ps and the Drosophila melanogaster genome map !!!

gff2ps [PubMed Abstract] was used to obtain the six chromosome arm plots (X, 2L, 2R, 3L, 3R and 4) appearing in the "Coding content of the fly genome" figure, included as a poster in "The Genome Sequence of Drosophila melanogaster" [Adams et al. Science 287(5461):2185-2195(2000)].
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