The Genome Informatics Research Laboratory web pages were written using Perl, PHP, HTML, XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and they may contain very simple JavaScripts. We made an effort to make our web pages compliant to the W3C standards and recommendations. We include two links for validation purposes at the bottom of each page. They point to the corresponding HTML and CSS validator forms provided by the W3C consortium. This do not applies for those subsets of this web site that were deployed using MediaWiki.

The pages have also been tested on Linux/Windows boxes, using different browsers: Firefox (get it from, Mozilla (take a look at, Opera (you can get more info at and Internet Explorer (latest versions available from Konqueror (KDE file browser) have been also used to navigate this web site. We lack a Mac for testing purposes, thus if somebody is using Safari web browser on one, we will appreciate any comment regarding the display/accessibility of this web site on that browser.

Although we mainly work under Unix/Linux, we also tested our pages on a Windows box just to ensure that everybody can access to the same information and layout. We cannot ensure that they will work properly on older browser versions or on those browsers lacking CSS/JavaScript support. The only expected error that you should find is the lack of CSS formating. Newer browsers also allow to disable CSS formating and/or Javascripts, although basic page layout will be kept. Please report any other problem you may have within those terms to our webmaster.

If you experience any problem, have any question or suggestions, all related to the software we distribute, do not hesitate to get in contact with the corresponding authors. There should be an authors section at the bottom of each program main web page.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration, your interest and your patience. Enjoy our web... ;^)
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