GOToolBox : Functional Investigation of Gene Datasets

Welcome to the GOToolBox web server. This site provides a series of programs allowing the functional investigation of groups of genes, based on the Gene Ontology resource. The web version of the GOToolBox is free for non-commercial users only. Users from commercial companies are allowed to use the site during a reasonable testing period. For a regular use of the web version, a license fee should be paid.

Current Data
Last Update : 2009-07-22
Number of annotation sets : 47
More on data and supported species in the data page.

Latest News GOToolBox
is currently hosted by:
  • Click here to see a list of original research papers citing GOToolBox.
  • 2006 Feb. : Perl command line clients for the GOToolBox programs. Allow you to launch automatized tasks on the GOToolBox server. Allow you to integrate the GOToolBox programs in analysis pipelines. See downloads for more.
  • 2006 Feb. : New web site.
  • 2006 Feb. : 30 supported species. See data for more.
  • 2006 Feb. : New feature : the dataset store allow you to store dataset and reference codes and to link it directly to an appropriate GOToolBox programs.
  • 2005 Jan. : Create-dataset have been modified to deal with huge gene sets (~3000).
  • 2005 Jan. : New module : Create-Ref allows you to store a custom reference file, in order to speed up the dataset creation module.
  • 2005 Jan. : Implementation of several methods for P-value correction for multiple testing in the GO-Stats and GO-Proxy modules.
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